10 Best Bars in Nice for a Night of Electronic Music

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Bar Crawl Nice

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10 Best Bars in Nice for a Night of Electronic Music

Nice is a city that has a thriving nightlife, and if you’re a fan of electronic music, you’re in for a treat. This city has an array of bars that cater to the electronic music scene, offering top quality performances and unique experiences that will leave you yearning for more. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top ten best bars in Nice for a night of electronic music.

1. High Club

This is the go-to place for electronic music lovers in the city. High Club boasts a world-class sound system and regularly hosts top-rated DJs from around the world. From techno to house and everything in between, they play it all here. The club is known for its great vibe and friendly atmosphere, making it a perfect place for those new to the electronic music scene.

2. Le Glam

Le Glam is situated in the heart of the city and always attracts an eclectic crowd. This club has been around for several years and has evolved with the city’s music scene. They have a talented roster of resident DJs who spin the best house, techno, and deep house tunes, making it an excellent pick for electronic music enthusiasts.

3. L’Etoile

L’Etoile is a hidden gem in the city, located behind a door that is easy to miss if you’re not paying attention. The club has an intimate atmosphere and plays a variety of electronic music styles, ranging from techno to minimal house. They also have live music performances that transport you to another dimension in sound.

4. Le Bar’O’uf

Le Bar’O’uf is a spot that always has something unique to offer, making it perfect for frequent club-goers. Their sound system is top-notch, and their rotating cast of artists includes some of the city’s most talented and innovative musicians. Their playlist varies from techno, experimental, & deep house, which guarantees that there’s always something for everyone.

5. Le Volume

Le Volume is another excellent club that regularly books international electronic music DJs. Their sound system is just as impressive as their lineup, creating an immersive experience with every beat drop. From party-goers to die-hard music enthusiasts, everyone enjoys their state-of-the-art sound system accompanied by stunning visuals.

6. L’Antirouille

L’Antirouille is known for its underground electronic music scene, located in an unpretentious setting. This club has a laid-back atmosphere and attracts a young and diverse crowd. With its lineup of local and international DJs, it’s a prime spot in the city and a true gem for those looking for a night filled with techno, minimal or deep house music.

7. Le Ghost

Le Ghost is an electronic music bar with a difference. From the décor to the music, everything is unique and different. It’s a much smaller and intimate space when compared to other clubs in the city, but their dedication to electronic music is unwavering. It’s a perfect spot for minimal house enthusiasts in search of a diverse range of music.

8. Wayne’s Bar

Wayne’s Bar is a popular spot in the city for live music events, including electronic music. They’re open seven nights a week and host a range of up and coming DJs as well as experienced ones. Their sound system delivers a high-quality musical experience, making it a great place for a night of electronic music.

9. La Fée Verte

The La Fée Verte is a cocktail bar located in Old Town with a wide range of musical genres. However, they have excellent resident DJs that play the hottest techno tracks every Friday and Saturday night. The cocktail bar can become both a destination venue or an unexpected, spontaneous night out.

10. La Cave Wilson

Last but not least is La Cave Wilson, situated in the Wilson Square in Nice. This bar regularly hosts electronic live music performances and DJs playing house, deep house, and techno, making it a fantastic place to dance and groove.


These are, without a doubt, the top 10 best bars in Nice, which are perfect for a night of electronic music. Whether you’re new to the electronic music scene or a seasoned enthusiast, the city has something for everyone. All these bars are a testament to the city’s thriving bar and electronic music scene.

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10 Best Bars in Nice for a Night of Electronic Music