Best Cocktail Bars in Nice, France

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Bar Crawl Nice

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Welcome to our guide on finding the best cocktail bars in Nice, France! Whether you are a local or a tourist, Nice has a vibrant cocktail scene that is worth exploring. In this blog post, we will introduce you to some of the top cocktail bars in Nice, where you can enjoy delicious drinks in a stylish setting.

1. Le Boudoir

Located in the heart of Nice, Le Boudoir is a trendy cocktail bar known for its chic ambiance and extensive cocktail menu. The bar offers a wide range of classic and innovative cocktails crafted by skilled mixologists. Some must-try cocktails include the “French Kiss” and the “Riviera Sunset”. Along with the incredible drinks, Le Boudoir also offers a cozy atmosphere with comfortable seating and live music performances on certain nights.

2. Acqua e Farina Cocktail Bar

If you are looking for a cocktail bar with a unique twist, Acqua e Farina Cocktail Bar is the place to be. This Italian-inspired bar specializes in artisanal cocktails created using homemade syrups, infusions, and fresh ingredients. Their bartenders are known for their creativity and attention to detail. The bar also offers a relaxed and inviting atmosphere, perfect for enjoying your drinks with friends. Don’t miss their signature cocktail, “The Italian Job”, a refreshing mix of gin, basil, grapefruit, and elderflower.

3. Wayne’s Bar

Wayne’s Bar is a hidden gem located in Nice’s Old Town. This intimate and cozy bar is decorated with vintage movie posters, creating a cool and nostalgic vibe. Wayne’s Bar is famous for its wide selection of spirits and unique cocktails. The friendly and knowledgeable bartenders are always happy to recommend a drink based on your preferences. Make sure to try their famous “Wayne’s Old Fashioned” for a taste of their expertise in mixology.

4. High Club Rooftop

If you prefer to enjoy your cocktails with a breathtaking view, the High Club Rooftop is the place to go. Situated on the rooftop of the Palais de la Méditerranée, this bar offers panoramic views of the city, the sea, and the iconic Promenade des Anglais. The bar has an extensive cocktail menu, including classic favorites and signature drinks. Sip on your chosen cocktail while taking in the stunning surroundings and enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of the High Club Rooftop.

5. Les Distilleries Idéales

A visit to Nice wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the charm of Les Distilleries Idéales. Located in a picturesque square in the heart of the city, this bar is known for its vintage decor and cozy setting. The bartenders at Les Distilleries Idéales take pride in their craft and use high-quality spirits and fresh ingredients to create delicious cocktails. Try their “French Mule” or their “Bastille Sour” for a taste of their inventive flavors.


Nice, France offers a variety of cocktail bars to suit every taste and preference. Whether you prefer a chic and trendy atmosphere or a cozy and intimate setting, the city has something for everyone. From classic cocktails to innovative concoctions, the mixologists in Nice know how to create amazing flavors. So, next time you are in Nice, be sure to check out one or more of these top cocktail bars to elevate your drinking experience!

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Best Cocktail Bars in Nice, France