Best Dinner Restaurants in Nice, France

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Bar Crawl Nice

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Are you planning a trip to Nice, France, and looking for the best dinner restaurants to experience the local cuisine? Look no further! In this guide, we will explore some of the top dinner restaurants in Nice, known for their delicious food, welcoming ambiance, and excellent service. Whether you are a food enthusiast or simply looking for a memorable dining experience, these restaurants have got you covered.

1. Le Chantecler

Located in the iconic Hotel Negresco, Le Chantecler is a must-visit for those seeking a refined and elegant dining experience. This Michelin-starred restaurant offers a menu that showcases the best of French gastronomy. The chef’s meticulous attention to detail and the exquisite presentation of each dish make Le Chantecler a standout restaurant in Nice.


  • Michelin-starred restaurant
  • French gastronomic cuisine
  • Romantic ambiance with stunning views
  • Attentive and knowledgeable staff

2. La Petite Maison

If you are a fan of Mediterranean flavors and fresh ingredients, La Petite Maison is the perfect choice for dinner. Situated in the heart of Nice, this vibrant restaurant offers a menu inspired by the cuisine of Southern France and Italy. The dishes are simple yet bursting with flavors, ensuring a memorable dining experience.


  • Showcases Mediterranean cuisine
  • Seasonal and locally sourced ingredients
  • Charming and lively atmosphere
  • Extensive wine list

3. Le Bistro du Fromager

If you are a cheese lover, then Le Bistro du Fromager is a must-visit. This cozy restaurant specializes in serving cheese-based dishes, fondue, and raclette. The menu features an impressive selection of artisanal cheeses, ensuring a tantalizing experience for your taste buds.


  • Focuses on cheese-based dishes
  • Wide variety of artisanal cheeses
  • Cozy and welcoming ambiance
  • Knowledgeable staff to guide you through the cheese selection process

4. Jan

For a modern twist on traditional Provençal cuisine, Jan is the go-to restaurant in Nice. Chef Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen infuses his South African heritage into his dishes, resulting in a unique and innovative culinary experience. Using locally sourced ingredients, the menu at Jan showcases the rich flavors of Southern France with a contemporary twist.


  • Fusion of South African and Provençal cuisine
  • Creative and artistic presentation
  • Warm and welcoming atmosphere
  • Seasonal menu reflecting the best of local produce

5. Chez Palmyre

For a taste of traditional Niçois cuisine, Chez Palmyre is a hidden gem in the heart of the Old Town. This family-run restaurant has been serving authentic Niçois dishes for over 100 years. The menu offers a variety of regional specialties, such as Socca (a chickpea pancake) and Ratatouille (a vegetable stew). Enjoy the cozy and rustic ambiance while savoring the flavors of Nice.


  • Authentic Niçois cuisine
  • Generous portions
  • Historic and charming atmosphere
  • Reasonable prices

In Conclusion

Nice, France, offers a diverse range of dinner restaurants catering to all tastes and preferences. From Michelin-starred establishments to cozy family-run eateries, you are sure to find a dining experience that suits you. Remember to make reservations in advance, especially for popular restaurants, to ensure a hassle-free dining experience during your trip. Bon appétit!

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Best Dinner Restaurants in Nice, France