Best Restaurants in Nice, France

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Bar Crawl Nice

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Planning a trip to Nice, France? Don’t miss out on indulging in the city’s vibrant culinary scene. From traditional French cuisine to international flavors, Nice offers an array of delicious dining options. Here is a list of the best restaurants in Nice to satisfy your taste buds.

1. La Petit Maison

La Petit Maison is a renowned restaurant in Nice that specializes in Mediterranean cuisine. With its warm and inviting ambiance, this restaurant is perfect for a romantic dinner or a special occasion. Make sure to try their signature dish, the “Baby Poulpe” (baby octopus) served with grilled vegetables. Their extensive wine list complements the menu perfectly, making it a must-visit for food enthusiasts.

2. Le Bistrot d’Antoine

If you’re looking for a traditional French bistro experience, head to Le Bistrot d’Antoine. Located in Nice’s old town, this charming restaurant offers a cozy atmosphere and a menu filled with classic French dishes. Their onion soup and beef tartare are highly recommended. Don’t forget to try the local specialty, Socca, a savory chickpea pancake.

3. Safari

Safari is a hidden gem in Nice, known for its fusion of French and African flavors. This family-run restaurant offers a unique dining experience with dishes like grilled lamb with red currant sauce and plantain fritters. The friendly staff will make you feel at home, and the vibrant decorations add to the overall ambiance.

4. Jan

Jan is a Michelin-starred restaurant that takes inspiration from both South Africa and the Mediterranean. Chef Jan Hendrik’s innovative use of local ingredients creates an unforgettable culinary experience. The menu changes frequently based on seasonality, but one of their standout dishes is the langoustine served with avocado, green apple, and cucumber.

5. Acchiardo

For a taste of traditional Nice cuisine, Acchiardo is the place to go. Located in the heart of the old town, this family-run restaurant has been serving authentic Niçois food for over four generations. Indulge in their specialties like ratatouille, stuffed vegetables, and socca. The welcoming atmosphere and friendly service make it a local favorite.

6. Janine

If you’re seeking a seafood-focused dining experience, Janine is the perfect choice. This restaurant offers a variety of fresh seafood dishes, such as bouillabaisse, oysters, and grilled fish. The elegant interior and stunning sea views add to the overall ambiance. Don’t forget to pair your meal with a glass of crisp white wine.

7. L’Ane Rouge

L’Ane Rouge is a popular brasserie that combines traditional and contemporary flavors. Located near the Promenade des Anglais, it is known for its excellent seafood dishes and prime cuts of meat. The extensive menu offers something for everyone, from bouillabaisse to entrecôte steak. Make sure to leave some room for their delectable desserts.

8. Keisuke Matsushima

If you’re in the mood for a culinary adventure, Keisuke Matsushima is a must-visit. This Michelin-starred restaurant offers a fusion of Japanese and French cuisine. Chef Matsushima’s innovative creations, like miso-marinated foie gras and black cod with truffle sauce, will delight your taste buds. The elegant and modern setting adds to the overall dining experience.

9. La Merenda

La Merenda is a tiny gem tucked away in Nice’s old town. This cozy restaurant is known for its traditional Niçois cuisine and casual atmosphere. Expect simple yet flavorful dishes, such as stuffed vegetables and beef daube. Due to its popularity, it’s recommended to make a reservation in advance to secure a table.

10. Restaurant JAN

Restaurant JAN, owned by acclaimed South African chef Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen, offers a unique dining experience in Nice. The menu takes inspiration from South African and French culinary traditions, with dishes like ostrich fillet and roasted guinea fowl. The stylish and contemporary interior adds a touch of elegance to your dining experience.


Nice truly is a food lover’s paradise, with a range of restaurants offering diverse and exciting culinary experiences. Whether you’re craving traditional Niçois dishes or eager to explore fusion cuisine, these top restaurants in Nice are sure to satisfy your appetite. Enjoy the vibrant flavors and immerse yourself in the rich gastronomic culture of this beautiful city.

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Best Restaurants in Nice, France