Where to Eat in Nice, France on a Budget

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Bar Crawl Nice

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Welcome to the beautiful city of Nice, France! Known for its stunning coastline and vibrant culture, Nice is also home to a plethora of delicious and affordable dining options. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the best places to eat in Nice without breaking the bank.

1. Local Boulangeries

Start your day like a true local by visiting one of the many boulangeries in Nice. These traditional bakeries offer a wide variety of freshly baked goods such as croissants, baguettes, and pain au chocolat. Grab a pastry to go and enjoy a budget-friendly breakfast while exploring the city.

2. Marché Cours Saleya

For an authentic French food experience, head to the Marché Cours Saleya. This bustling outdoor market is filled with stalls selling an array of fresh produce, local cheeses, and cured meats. You can put together a picnic with some baguettes, cheese, and fruit for a budget-friendly and delicious lunch.

2.1 Socca Chez Pipo

While exploring the Marché Cours Saleya, make sure to try the local specialty called socca. Socca is a thin pancake made from chickpea flour and olive oil, typically cooked in a wood-fired oven. Socca Chez Pipo is a popular spot for this local delicacy, and it won’t blow your budget.

3. Le Vieux Nice

Le Vieux Nice, or the Old Town, is known for its winding narrow streets and charming ambiance. This area is also a culinary hotspot where you can find affordable and delicious food options. Explore the side streets and stumble upon quaint cafes and restaurants offering traditional French cuisine at reasonable prices.

3.1 Pizzeria du Gesù

If you’re in the mood for pizza, don’t miss Pizzeria du Gesù. This cozy pizzeria in Le Vieux Nice serves mouthwatering wood-fired pizzas at affordable prices. You can enjoy a slice of pizza or opt for a full pie to share with friends.

4. Food Trucks

Food trucks have become increasingly popular in Nice, offering a diverse range of cuisines at reasonable prices. These mobile eateries often park near popular tourist spots, making them a convenient choice for a quick and affordable meal. Keep an eye out for food truck festivals or gather at designated areas where several food trucks are parked together.

4.1 Chez Pipo Food Truck

If you’re craving local Niçois cuisine on a budget, look for the Chez Pipo Food Truck. This food truck offers delicious socca, pan bagnat (a traditional sandwich), and other regional specialties. It’s a perfect option for a satisfying meal at a fraction of the cost of a sit-down restaurant.

5. Daily Set Menus

Many restaurants in Nice offer daily set menus, also known as “le menu du jour” or “formule du jour.” These menus often include a starter, main course, and dessert at a set price, providing excellent value for your money. Look out for chalkboard signs outside restaurants advertising their daily specials.

5.1 Bistrot d’Antoine

Bistrot d’Antoine is a popular spot that offers a delicious set menu at an affordable price. Their daily changing menu features fresh, seasonal ingredients, giving you a taste of the local cuisine without breaking the bank.

6. Ethnic Eateries

If you’re looking for something different, Nice has a variety of ethnic eateries that won’t strain your wallet. From Vietnamese pho to Moroccan tagine, you can explore the diverse flavors of Nice without spending a fortune. Check out the Liberation neighborhood for an excellent selection of international cuisine.

6.1 Le Banh Mi

Le Banh Mi offers delicious Vietnamese sandwiches filled with flavorful ingredients at affordable prices. It’s a popular choice among locals and visitors alike, providing a budget-friendly and tasty option for a quick bite.

7. Save with Lunch Specials

Many restaurants offer special lunch menus or prix fixe options, allowing you to experience their culinary creations at a more affordable price. Take advantage of these lunch specials, which often include a set menu with multiple courses and can be significantly cheaper than dinner.

7.1 La Zucca Magica

La Zucca Magica is a delightful vegetarian restaurant offering a fixed-price lunch menu that changes daily. Their creative and flavorful dishes will satisfy even meat lovers, and the affordable prices make it an excellent choice for a budget-friendly lunch experience.


As you can see, eating in Nice on a budget doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor or quality. With numerous affordable options ranging from local bakeries to ethnic eateries, you can enjoy the culinary delights of this beautiful city without breaking the bank. So go ahead and explore the charming streets of Nice, indulging in its many budget-friendly dining options along the way.

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Where to Eat in Nice, France on a Budget